About Addie Grey

Addie Grey, a luminary in the world of dark fantasy romance, hails from rural Australia. A day dreamer and adventure-chaser, Addie intricately weaves tales that traverse the realms of dark fantasy, urban fantasy, and romantic fantasy, ensnaring readers within the tendrils of her enchanting narratives.

Addie’s storytelling prowess extends across a spectrum of genres that encompasses dark fantasy, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance. Her stories are intricate tapestries woven with threads of desire, seamlessly entwining elements of otherworldly magic with gritty realities. Readers find themselves ensnared within the pages of her captivating books, drawn into worlds where love and darkness collide in a mesmerising dance.

Addie’s Inspirations

Addie has been an avid reader for much of her life, drowning herself in the likes of Robin Hobb, Trudi Canavan and the wonderful Anne Bishop. She draws inspiration from the greats that came before her, as well as the tales woven by new authors. Living in the most beautiful part of Australia, muses are never far with the bush at her back and the ocean swelling around her toes. Thunderstorms spark the imagination a much as the sweltering, humid summers.

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