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A day dreamer and adventure-chaser, Addie Grey intricately weaves tales that traverse the realms of dark fantasy, urban fantasy, and romantic fantasy, ensnaring readers within the tendrils of her enchanting narratives. Her debut novel – Carved From Obsidian – is now available on Amazon! Find out more about Dark Paranormal Romance Books by Addie Grey!

Carved From Obsidian

Wayward witch. Billionaire vampire. Dark secrets and steamy romance. This is Carved From Obsidian.

Soph’s life takes an unexpected turn when she is rescued from imminent death by a mysterious vampire. Fuelled with a need to find this day-walking supernatural, She embarks on a relentless quest to locate her saviour.

Soph soon discovers that her elusive vampire is none other than Eli Damiani, billionaire and business titan. Though she only wanted to thank him, Eli quickly becomes intertwined with Soph’s life in unexpected ways. Their chance encounters burgeon into a web of inexplicable connections, drawing them closer in more ways than one.

Will Soph unravel the enigma that is Eli Damiani, or will she become ensnared in the perilous depths of his dark and inscrutable secrets.

Carved From Obsidian, a dark paranormal romance, is a world in which steamy passion intertwines with the enchantment of the unknown, where witches, vampires and other creatures collide in an wild dance of desire and the forbidden.

*This book contains dark and sexual themes that some readers may be uncomfortable with. Visit the content guideline here.

Carved From Obsidian is now available on Kindle unlimited and in paperback format from the Amazon store! Read it now!

Reviews for Carved From Obsidian ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

OMG! This is for sure a 5 out of 5 read. I could not put it down once I started. I love the characters. Soph and Eli are one of my favorite fictional couples. The writing was fantastic, character development was so good. There were so many good plot twists and the spice was extra spicy. I can’t wait for the next book. I’m not sure how I’m going to survive the wait. 5 outta 5 would recommend.

– Jessica

Carved From Obsidian is a paranormal dark romance that leaves you wanting more in the best way! The MFC, Soph, is a strong, bold, and extremely charasimatic witch. I loved her right out the gate, she ticks all the boxes we want for a MFC down to being the most relatable trait of having ex-biyfriends who just don’t measure up to her standards or even her family’s. This book really brought the best out in the paranormal trope and did not have the tacky factor that alot of paranormal reads can tend to be. Eli, our MMC, is they mystery billionaire that shows up and is the best mix of hot and steamy. Every page and chapter left me hanging on by the edge, I could not get enough of the fast pace but also epic tale that this book holds. I will add that the book does dive into the topic of addiction pretty hard, so be sure to check your trigger warnings for how that topic can make you feel. All in all, I can not wait to see where Soph and Eli’s story take us! 

5 ⭐ 4.5 🌶️

– Megan

I was fortunate to get a hold of an advanced copy! I absolutely enjoyed the world that was built in Carved From Obsidian.
The characters are well written, and as it goes, you keep wanting to know more and more about them. Just when you think you know where this book might be going, BAM, plot twist.
If you want to read a book that has sexy leads and they have great chemistry with each other. And there’s plenty of spicy scenes to keep you engaged. And the plot twists that continuously twist to keep you on your toes. This is the book for you! The only fault is has is that the next book isn’t out yet, and I want to know what happens next.

– Lucia

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